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Snow is coming. And Parker is ready.
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Snow is coming. And Parker is ready.

Every year, Parker receives about six feet of snowfall. And this being Colorado, snowstorms aren’t always a tame, one or two inches, but sometimes a cumbersome, one or two feet. That kind of variety can be tricky to navigate, especially on mornings when school and work are still a “go.” However, Town of Parker snowplows are always standing at the ready.

Their first priority: Clearing the big, arterial roadways such as Stroh Road, Hess Road, Twenty Mile Road, Lincoln Avenue, and Jordan Road, plowed first due to their heavy traffic. Next come collector streets, such as Dransfeldt, Motsenbocker, Clark Farms Drive, and Canterberry Trail. These are the streets that provide access to the aforementioned arterial roadways. School bus routes not already plowed under the second priority are plowed next, when accumulation exceeds three inches. Town Council policy mandates that local residential roads and cul-de-sacs—including those at Stepping Stone—are plowed when 10 inches or more of snow has fallen, or if major drifting has occurred.

Stepping Stone has contracted for snow removal on the common area sidewalks in and around the community. These areas include the parks, entry, the mail kiosks, and the parking lot at the Lantern House. Trigger depths are two inches on the common area sidewalks, and 4 inches on the parking lot.

How can you stay prepared for the snowy days to come? The Town of Parker has these recommendations:

  • Park your vehicles off the street when it snows. This keeps your vehicle from being plowed in, protects it from passing vehicles, and gives snowplows more space to maneuver.
  • Don’t shovel or blow your snow into the street, where it can create damaging buildup in the gutters. Instead, direct snow toward your yard. Think of it as free water for your landscaping.
  • Stay at home if possible, and avoid the stress of driving in poor weather conditions. Fewer stranded cars means faster cleared streets.
  • Keep children out of the street. Remind your children to avoid playing on snow piled on the road or in cul-de-sac streets. Equipment operators may not see children playing, due to low visibility or other causes.
  • Don’t forget to shovel all sidewalks on your property when the snow stops falling. Snow left on walks turns into ice and makes for hazardous conditions for you and your neighbors. Don’t shovel snow into the gutter, as it may cause icing issues.
  • When driving near a snowplow, please slow down and use caution. If you cannot see the snowplow’s mirrors, the driver probably cannot see you.

For more information on the Town’s snow policy, call Public Works at 303.840.9546 or email A map of the Town’s snow routes is available online at

December 22, 2014

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