Take I-25 to Exit 192 (Ridgegate Pkwy), then proceed 2.5 miles east. Stepping Stone is on the south side of the roadway. View Map

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Caramel macchiato, hold the franchise
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Caramel macchiato, hold the franchise

Many of us who contribute frequently to the bottom line of a certain Seattle corporation would, given a handy alternative, rather support a high-quality, locally owned and operated coffee house.

Good news, Stepping Stone residents. You live very close to just such a place.

KUNJANI CoffeeA mere three miles away, Kunjani World Coffeehouse belies its bustling Parker location. Inside, the ambiance is a cozy cabin in the woods, boasting a fireplace, overstuffed sofas, tables, comfy chairs, and area rugs. And its ambiance is friendly, too—fulfilling its kunjani name, which translates into “How’s it going?” in Zulu.

Kunjani baristas will handcraft your espresso, chai, tea, soda, and other specialty creations, such as an Iced Toddy or Toasted Marshmallow Latte. Coffee is freshly ground from whole beans carefully roasted in small batches by a Colorado roaster. And you’ll find plenty of mouthwatering sidekicks for your beverage, such as breakfast burritos tucked into tender, tomato-basil wraps. Plus fresh pastries delivered daily from a local baker, including yeasty cinnamon rolls, cranberry scones, and a much-praised chocolate pumpkin loaf.

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This time of year, the patio is also a fine choice. Kunjani’s offers a drive-through, but lingering is most definitely in order, with free wifi to make the students and self-employed happy, and comfortable seating for socializing or even quilting, as one group of regulars likes to do. Which says a lot about the homey, un-chainlike atmosphere all by itself.

Kunjani World Coffeehouse is located at 10009 Jordan Road, Parker, CO 80134.

June 16, 2015

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