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Cupcakes rising.
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Cupcakes rising.

And so our love affair with cupcakes continues.

Some of us have lived long enough to smile knowingly at last decade’s revival of the ‘80s frozen yogurt mania. And watch the ‘90s Krispy Kreme obsession fizzle, only to resurface with Voodoo’s edgy concoctions. But cupcakes…oh, cupcakes. Hate on the ubiquitous dessert trend of the 2000s all you want, but cupcakes are here to stay. (Thank you, reality TV shows Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes.)

But honestly, why wouldn’t they, when crafted with the quality and artistry found at Nomelie’s Cupcakes? Lucky for Stepping Stone™ residents, this cozy little cupcake/coffee/tea shop is located conveniently nearby on Parker’s quaint (and so very tempting) Mainstreet. Choose, somehow, from their 60+ flavors and take a box home, or stay and enjoy a cupcake and tea with a friend. Or maybe share a French soda and mini-cakes with your favorite kiddo. There’s wifi for the grownups, as well as a Little Free Library to peruse and borrow from, and a children’s area with art easel and toys. The shabby chic, European charm is quite appealing.




Made from scratch each morning in small batches, the shop’s cupcakes feature indulgent, high-quality ingredients, such as French chocolates, pure Madagascar vanilla, sweet cream butter, handmade caramel, fresh (often local) fruits, and imported chocolate sprinkles.  Cake flavors range from the more traditional Red Velvet and Dulce de Leche to Fluffer Nutter and Raspberry Champagne. Flavors change each day and by season, too. From now until August, you can push the edge of the cupcake envelope with flavors such as Mangogo (featuring mango preserve filling and mango frosting) and Cosmo (with vodka-soaked cranberry filling and lime zest frosting).

New owners Soumya and Avantika Sen have injected new life into the once-struggling bakery. So much so that their turnaround was written up in this February Forbes article. The Sens knew they had to improve the quality, make the business more customer-centric, and they also wanted to move to “the forefront of major community events and initiatives.” Accordingly, the business supports many non-profit and community groups, which sounds a lot like another favorite Parker business, Indochine. (You can read about more of Parker’s local gems here.)

nomelie cupcakes Parker CO

More recently, the Sens gave away free cupcakes to spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and in April they hosted a fundraiser gala for children in Haiti.

The plan seems to be working—the community loves them back. Their business continues to grow each day, both in foot traffic and the birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events that help maintain a steady stream of income. So the next time your day could use a little sweetening up, drop by Nomelie. You’ll leave with a fresh understanding of why the cupcake trend deserves its long day in the sun.   

Nomalie Cupcakes is located at 19751 E Mainstreet in the Parker Station building.

June 14, 2016

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