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That sofa is so 2016.  Check out these 2017 interior design trends.
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That sofa is so 2016. Check out these 2017 interior design trends.


In this information-overload era of HouzzPinterest, and HGTV, decorating your home can feel a tad overwhelming. So many products. So many opinions. So many ways to be…uncool. On the other hand, because so many options exist, home decorating really can be seen as a fun exercise in creativity.

If you’re buying a new home from one of our builders, rest assured that you’ll have plenty of help from their in-house designers. But to get you primed for your next adventure in home décor—whether at Stepping Stone™ or elsewhere—here’s a peek at what’s in and what’s out for 2017.

We’ve been living with the mania for mid-century décor for a while now. Those clean, minimalist lines aren’t going anywhere, but slavish devotion to one era is, says this House Beautiful article. In other words, mix and match time periods with your furnishings—variety is what keeps things interesting and sets your home apart from everyone else’s. Avoid oversized pieces too. Homes are trending smaller, so make sure your sofa, for example, is eye-pleasingly proportionate.


But beyond well-sized, what should that sofa or sectional look like? In general, there’s a movement away from the sleek and austere toward comfortable. Heard of the trending term hygge? It’s the Danish concept of coziness, self-care, and spending time with loved ones, and it’s fired up the world of home décor. In fact, Pinterest has declared it the décor trend of 2017. This Denver Post article explains hygge’s essential ingredients, such as candles, natural elements, and tactile fabrics like velvet, chunky knits, silk, and faux fur. (You’ll see lots of velvet sofas online these days.) The article Trends You’ll Be Loving in 2017 agrees, noting the trend toward upholstered headboards and cozy nooks for reading and chatting—comfy escapes from our busy, digital-dominated world.

House Beautiful also tackled the always-tricky color question. Neutrals like cool grays and white are giving way to deep jewel tones like amethyst and emerald. Once again, walls create their own bit of drama. In fact, Benjamin Moore Paint’s Color of the Year for 2017 is Shadow, a deep, rich amethyst. Bolder color is a consistent theme, especially green. Pantone’s Color of the Year is this bright green, called Greenery. Oh, and navy is the new black, by the way.

greeneryWhen it comes to finishes, the general agreement is that the world went a little too cuckoo for copper. Keep it in moderation, and do mix your metals, perhaps pairing your bronze fittings with an oil-rubbed bronze faucet. Reclaimed wood is waning, while marble, gray floors, subway tile (still!), wallpaper, and butterflies—yes butterflies—are looking so very 2017. But after you’ve absorbed all the latest trends, take note of the reassuring caveat at this article’s conclusion.

“While home décor trends are definitely fun to sprinkle around, Nate Berkus doesn’t follow them. ‘Trends are designed to make people feel bad about themselves and what they don’t have,’ he said. ‘It’s more about what feels classic; just do what you love.’

His design directors, Lauren Buxbaum Gordon and Sasha Adler, agree. ‘Pieces that you find on your travels or that you fall in love with at first glance will never be out of style…Because living beautifully is about living with what you love and no one can tell you what that is or should be.’”

That’s advice that will last far beyond 2017. Take the design concepts that resonate with you and let the rest go.

February 14, 2017

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