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Master Your Master Bathroom
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Master Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom at Stepping Stone is a work of art on its own, with ample lighting, gorgeous marble countertops, and lots of room to move around. If you haven’t seen them yet, the stunning spa-like master bathroom designs of our Dahlia and Marigold homes encompass everything a bathroom should be. But sometimes you want to take something perfect and just tweak it a bit to make it more “you.” Here are some small touches you can add to give your master bath a personality that matches yours.

Stepping Stone_Evergold_Master Bath

See the Light

The most important aspect of a bathroom is lighting. Make sure you’re letting as much natural light in as you can – this warm glow is what makes your bathroom look its best and also gives you better light for your mirror time. Avoid fluorescent bulbs – they can cast unattractive shadows and give your skin a weird hue. Pick LED lighting instead. For a dramatic touch, add a chandelier.

Spruce Up Your Shower

Turn your shower into a hanging garden sanctuary. Add a hanging plant or two into the corners of your shower to add some character and color to your porcelain palace. Plants can help purify the air and help you relax. For additional flair, get rid of the sliding glass door and add French doors to your shower.

Bold Up Your Color

You don’t have to stick with all white or neutrals for your bathroom anymore – grab some paint swatches and use your imagination. Amp up the drama with a bold shade of sky blue or sunny yellow on the walls. And don’t stop at the walls – paint the cabinets, too!

Behold Your Works of Art

Don’t leave your bathroom walls unadorned. Treated canvas prints are water resistant, or you can have them laminated. Go for large pieces for best impact. Instead of a canvas print, try objects like starfish or baskets or any other favored objects.

Stepping Stone Stonewalk_Dahlia_Master Bathroom

Splash Some Personality Around

Once you have your lights, colors, and textures nailed down, add finishing touches. Contrast your towels – if your bathroom is all white, go with bright colored towels. If your bathroom is all color, stick with simple white towels. Place candles around the countertops and along the edges of your tub. Add a floormat with a stripe or floral print. Switch a square mirror out for a round one. Put up a small shelf with rustic knickknacks and old apothecary bottles. Add throw pillows into your tub. The possibilities are endless!

If you need more inspiration on how to enhance and elevate your master bath, we’ve created a Pinterest page just for you! And if you’re impressed with our Dahlia and Marigold bathroom designs, here are more Shea Stonewalk Collection Homes for you to explore.


September 25, 2017

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