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Get a Fresh Start with a Fresh Coat of Paint
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Get a Fresh Start with a Fresh Coat of Paint


2018 is here! It’s a new year with an open-ended horizon. A blank canvas, if you will. And when faced with a blank canvas, one should grab for the paints and brush away! We’re speaking metaphorically, of course. But nothing gives you a fresher feel than a layer of new paint around the house. So why not?

Most house paint color trends in the past few years have leaned towards whites and neutrals. So, it makes sense that the next big trend would be deep and bold colors. But are you deep or bold enough to commit to a striking color on your walls?


Oh, we’re going there. Right out the gate. Nothing makes a statement quite like black walls. Or a deep, dark indigo or a rich brown. Dark colors like this can evoke sophistication and modernism. Just make sure you pair black walls with white or lighter colored furnishings. Even natural wood makes a nice contrast.


Eccentric? Maybe. But you’ll always make a notable first impression with a purple entry hall or a purple ceiling in your living room. Purple has been associated with royalty and can completely infuse a room or hallway with energy. This stylish color pairs well with silver hardware finishes and bright white trim.


It’s a vibrant color that goes with everything. Particularly black and white tiling or even gray kitchen cabinets. Red is a color that signifies life – passion, spice, excitement, and power. A deep red wall color adds a lot of impact to a room with little effort or expense.


With 300 days of sunshine pouring in the windows, yellow walls will bounce that sunlight around your whole house! It’s a warm, cheery color that can also have a retro vibe in a black and white kitchen. Yellow also pairs well with blue and white for a more Latin feel.


Don’t go with a neutral green, go with a jungle green! Green is the color of nourishment and conjures up the deep hue of magnolia leaves, the scent of fresh basil, or the feel of grass between the toes. Thus, this zesty color is perfect for kitchen walls or dining room.

Other colors you may want to consider are fuchsia, dark gray, bright orange (for you Broncos fans), or a midnight blue. But always try to go for the unexpected – that’s what the good interior designers do.

Your Stepping Stone home is designed to evolve as your tastes evolve, so whether you’re looking for a more updated look or picking out colors for a new home, these bright new shades can bring a little personality and a fresh perspective in the upcoming year.

January 5, 2018

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