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Turn Snow Day into Crafts and Activities Day
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Turn Snow Day into Crafts and Activities Day

Remember when you were a kid and you would get so excited to get a day off from school because of snow? Now, as a parent, it’s not so exciting, is it? Well, if you’re stuck inside the house all day with the kiddos while the snow is piling up outside, enjoy quality family time with these crafty ideas.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Let’s start off easy – you have a stack of coffee filters in a cabinet somewhere, don’t you? Coffee filters make perfect snowflakes because they absorb watercolor paint really well. This is a relatively simple craft that you can pass over to your co-parent or an older sibling if you need to sneak out because of cabin fever.

Egg Carton Penguins

Who doesn’t love beaked flightless waterfowl? They’re pretty much the mascot for snow days, right? If you have an egg carton and basic craft supplies, you and your kids can make these adorable penguins while singing along to the “Happy Feet” soundtrack.

Shivery Snow Paint

If you want to enjoy the snow but do so from the warmth of your kitchen, here’s a creative little endeavor – bring in a container of snow and turn it into shimmery paint. You’ll end up with puffy art that’s icy-cold to touch!

Snowman S’mores

Nothing keeps kids docile and compliant like snacks – so plan ahead with the ingredients and put together these snowman goodies. They go very well with hot chocolate!

Cardboard Tube Olaf

If you’re dealing with a house full of kids who know every word to every song in “Frozen,” then definitely stock up on toilet paper rolls, construction paper, and googly eyes for this one. Nothing chases away the winter blues like your own little cardboard Olaf!

Frozen Bubble Science

If you’re concerned your kids’ brains are atrophying while away from a classroom environment, take them outside briefly for a fun little science experiment. All you need are bubbles and enthusiasm!

Netflix and Ch-ch-chi-chi-ill

Maybe you took the kids out for sledding or hiking out on our trails here at Stepping Stone and now you’re all wiped out from your snow adventure. There’s nothing wrong with putting on Netflix and vegging out with blankets and popcorn. Here’s a list of family-friendly Netflix shows with a winter theme that everyone can enjoy.

We hope these activity suggestions keep you and yours occupied during this wintery weather. And if all else fails, just send them over to a friend’s house!

February 14, 2018

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