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Give Your Walk-In Closet a Makeover
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Give Your Walk-In Closet a Makeover

Looking for a new home project? You have the trendy kitchen, the perfect bedroom, the fanciest bathroom — but what’s going on in your closet?

Your bedroom walk-in closet is your “staging area,” where you put together stylish outfits and strap on fabulous shoes before you walk out the door. So, give this personal space as much character as you have!

Go Boutique

Think of your favorite boutique shops — notice the chic look, whether it’s a uniform color all over the store or kitschy pieces of furniture spread throughout. Now you can give your own closet a touch of glam. Go for a monochrome color — white is your best bet — and make the floors, walls, and ceiling that color. Add a faux animal skin rug, a small antique chaise lounge, and a chandelier. Voila! You have the fanciest closet in Stepping Stone!

Visualize Your Dream Closet

If you’re just going to go in and overhaul your entire closet, you may need some help visualizing the space you’re working with. This handy online tool lets you plug in measurements and styles to get a better idea of how to best utilize your space.

Light Up Your Style

Instead of just having one boring overhead light in your walk-in, look at adding LED lights over your clothing rods and shelves. (Rope lighting is a simple, inexpensive option as well.) This will give your closet the appearance of a high-end clothing store. And you’ll have an easier time deciphering navy blue socks from black.

Make the Most of Your Space

Are you utilizing every inch of your closet? Make sure you have shelving from floor to ceiling. Don’t leave blank spaces on your wall or the back of your closet door — fill them with additional shelves, hooks, and possibly an extra clothing rod. Use wicker or hard plastic storage bins to separate items on the lower shelves — these are perfect for scarves, socks, bras, underwear, and workout clothes. Use shelf dividers for higher shelves — this will give your stacked shirts and jeans a much neater appearance.

We hope these suggestions turn your walk-in closet into the wardrobe of your dreams! And if you’re bitten by the renovation bug and want to make over more than just your closet, you know you can always find inspiration on the Stepping Stone Pinterest board.

March 12, 2018

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