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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Gardens
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Gardens

As May approaches, so does warmer weather and tendrils of green grass. In fact, color is popping up everywhere in Colorado, making those of us blessed with a green thumb itchy for fresh soil and gardening gloves.

No matter if you’re a pro or a novice, gardening is an excellent stress-reliever, giving you an excuse to be outside on a beautiful day. Here are a few gardening ideas and suggestions to help you get the most of your yard this spring and well into the summer.

Declare your yard a mosquito-free zoneDon’t let mosquitoes ruin a beautiful early evening patio event. Not only are they annoying but they can transmit disease to humans and pets. You don’t have to douse yourself in chemicals — plenty of plants can act as a natural repellant. Pick any of these seven plants to keep those blood-suckers out while sprucing up your front or back porch with wonderful fragrances.

Sprinkle baking soda in your garden

Even though baking soda has hundreds of uses inside your home, it also has a lot of uses in your garden, too! This magical powdery substance can revive your rose blooms, sweeten tomatoes, kill weeds, and repel pests. It’s also handy to scrub all of the soil off your hands and arms after working in the garden.

Build a Squash Arch

What if you could tame your squash vines AND add a wonderful piece of architecture to your garden? This squash arch is easy to put together and makes it easier to control your squash so it no longer takes over the garden. This arch works for sugar pie pumpkins, butternut, and delicata.

Grow Veggies in Containers

Growing plants in pots and containers allows you more flexibility and mobility and less weeding and back pain. You can also move the containers inside in inclement weather. We’ve found this list of “15 Veggies Perfect for Container Gardening” to get you started.

Make a Vegetable Garden For Your Kids

Why are you doing all the backbreaking work in a garden? Bring your kiddos outside to help. They won’t mind — it’ll be an excuse for them to play in the dirt. This handy article will give you a step-by-step guide to creating a nourishing vegetable garden with your children.

Hopefully, this list will point you in the right direction for growing goodies around your yard. If you need more inspiration, check out Stepping Stone’s Garden Ideas Pinterest Board, where you can find articles on creating a fairy garden, ideas for vertical gardens, and DIY weed killers.


Happy gardening and send us photos of your finished accomplishments this summer!

April 18, 2018

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