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Celebrate Back to School with FUN 101!
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Celebrate Back to School with FUN 101!

Now that summer vacation is winding down and you’re getting inundated with “Back to School” sales and commercials everywhere you look, you might notice a certain lack of enthusiasm from the school-attending residents of your household. But instead of forcing them to trudge sullenly to the bus stop every morning (or the car pool), try getting them excited instead. Your friends at Stepping Stone have discovered ways to make the new school season something to look forward to.

First Day of School Photos

If you’re already on Facebook, you know this is a tradition — parents posting pics of their kids about to leave the house for their first day at school. Even if you’re not on social media, these photos are fun to have for the family photo album. And it gives you and your kid(s) a creative outlet for this significant event. From signage to T-shirts to chalk art, you’ll find several inspiring ideas on this list. And promise you’ll share your first day photos with us — we’d love to see them!

Back to School Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And imagine the delight if these school-themed treats were found into someone’s lunch bag? Or kept as a surprise when they get home at the end of the day? These are easy to make and the cute-factor is huge.

Sandwich-Free Lunches (that are nut-free!)

One thing you can give your kids to look forward to is a new lunch box variation. Instead of the usual bread-and-meat with chips combo, try food on a stick, spring rolls, or even breakfast for lunch. These recipes should get you started, but feel free to improvise according to your kids’ tastes and dietary restrictions.

Homework Station

Homework? Ugh! Even that word makes us cringe. But one way to take the edge off is to enlist your kids in creating a homework station. Stock it with vitals like pencils, highlighters, erasers, sticky notes, etc. Get your future graduates to pick out the mason jars or containers they like in their favorite colors or team logos so that they feel the station is “theirs.”

Brand New Backpack

While new threads and kicks are important, remember that the backpack is also a major fashion statement. But in-store and online, you’ll find so many styles and functions to choose from. Luckily, Forbes is down with the school bag trend for 2018 in case you need help narrowing the field. You’ll find suggestions for all ages.

We hope these ideas make the transition from summer freedom to classroom schedules a bit easier. If you have your own ways of getting kids excited about the new school year, we’d love to hear them! And don’t forget to send us those first day pics! Just tag @SteppingStoneCO on Instagram.


August 9, 2018

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