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Get Your Halloween Costume On
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Get Your Halloween Costume On

It’s mid-October – do you have your Halloween costume together yet? Did that question just make you break out in a panic-induced sweat? We get it – the pressure is on this time of year! If you’re the kind of person who struggles with coming up with good costume ideas or a full-on procrastinator, don’t worry! Your friends at Stepping Stone have scoured the internet and found some fun ideas for you, your family and/or your friends – and these will be a hit no matter where you end up on Halloween!  

Easy and affordable

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to dress up this year. Find simple ideas on this Pinterest Board – all you need are a few office supplies to put them together. If you’re a fan of ‘80s movies, this Risky Business costume is easy to make at home – you just need a white button down, underwear, white crew socks and sunglasses. If you’re a notorious foodie, go as Chinese food take-out. All you need is this t-shirt and a take-out box with chopsticks.

Partners in crime

If you have a spouse or a best friend you can rope in on a costume idea, start off easy with salt and pepper shakers. For Netflix fans, be everybody’s favorite weekend with these Netflix and Chill t-shirts – they pair nicely with pajama pants, tube socks, slippers, and/or ponytails. And if you can rope in additional participants, go as a group of party animals!

Kids and family

If your kids allow you to pick out their costume, here are creative ideas that are sure to catapult you to Parent of the Year. First of all, how adorable is this DIY pinata costume? If you’re still wheeling a little one around in a stroller, doll him or her up with this Cabbage Patch Kid costume. If your kid insists on being a superhero, insist on this Superman costume. And some fun #familysquad costume ideas are to dress up like your favorite Starbucks drinks or a dinosaur trainer family.  

Are you less panic-y now? Hopefully you’ll get something out of these suggestions to help you put together something clever and fantastic for the 31st. And please send us pics of your costumes (or tag @steppingstoneco on Instagram) – we love seeing what our residents come up with every year!


October 11, 2018

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