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Put a Little Fall Flavor Into Your Healthy Diet
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Put a Little Fall Flavor Into Your Healthy Diet

Now that autumn is in the air, it’s time to bring it into your kitchen. And, as we all know, if you live in Stepping Stone, your kitchen was built for cooking and feasting!

We’re also keenly aware that our residents like to eat healthy AND eat deliciously. So, we’ve put together recipes that will help you take advantage of the flavors and aromas of this season and keep you in top form for all of your outdoor activities.

Autumn Glow Salad

If you love lentils, pair them with roasted butternut squash and peppery arugula to deliver a plant-powered salad boasting more than 50% of your daily fiber and 1/3 of your daily potassium! Not only does this salad taste good, it’s good for you. Even better, butternut squash provides an excellent source of Vitamins A and C.

Ginger-Roasted Winter Squash

If you’ve been looking for a recipe that makes squash taste amazing, this is the one. Fresh ginger and cinnamon really give this dish its kick. For winter squash that’s crispy on the outside and moist inside, cut it in half, roast it until soft, and then cut it into wedges and roast some more. 

Spaghetti Squash Pepperoni Pizza Boats

We’ve found a guilt-free way to eat a deep dish pizza! All you need are two spaghetti squash and classic pizza ingredients. This recipe is easy and pretty quick to make. Feel free to add any other pizza toppings of your choice, like mushrooms or olives.

Butternut-Cauliflower-Coconut Curry

This cool-weather main dish brings about a range of textures – crunchy peas, tender vegetables, and silky coconut broth – and it’s incredibly satisfying. To speed up prep, look for pre-cut cauliflower florets in your grocery store’s produce section.

Poached Apples with Vanilla Yogurt

How about a delicious and low-fat dessert? This yummy recipe calls for your favorite kind of apple mixed with citrusy and cinnamon flavors, topped off with a thick and creamy vanilla bean-filled Greek yogurt.

Hungry yet? Just reading these recipes should make your mouth water. If you have any delicious and healthy fall recipes of your own, please send them our way! And if you make any of these recipes and have lots of leftovers, call us!

October 18, 2018

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