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Not Your Normal NYE Resolutions
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Not Your Normal NYE Resolutions

Happy New Year to our Stepping Stone community! And now that 2019 is coming at us fast, let’s talk about our New Year’s resolutions.

Every January 1st, you hear a lot of the same old, same old. “I’m going to eat better!” or “I’m going to the gym every day!” etc. And while there’s nothing wrong with these kinds of resolutions, they tend to lose their momentum after the first few weeks and then are completely forgotten until next January.

This year, let’s get out of our rut. Let’s just shake off the past and set our sights on different horizons this time around. We’ve found these suggestions, which are definitely off the beaten path but could be really interesting. And isn’t that what life should be – interesting?

Drink More Water
Well, duh, we all drink water every day. But are you drinking enough? Water plays such a vital role in increasing your energy, metabolizing fat, and pretty much every important function in your body, you can’t afford to be dehydrated. In order to increase your water uptake, make the conscious effort to carry a 16oz. reusable bottle of water with you everywhere you go and to drink the whole thing at least four times a day. Remember to match every alcoholic drink you consume with one glass of water. And if water gets boring, add fruit to it or switch to sparkling water every now and then to mix it up.

Think Positive
Maintaining a constant positive attitude opens your mind to new possibilities, makes you more resilient, and can even help you live longer. But keeping a consistent positive vibe requires practice and time, so be patient with yourself. Avoid negative self-talk. Try to see the humor in every situation. Put a positive spin on any stressful situation. And surround yourself with other positive-minded people.

Reduce Food Waste
Did you know that Americans throw out 1.3 billion tons of food a year? This food waste accounts for 19% of landfill waste, which directly contributes to the production of greenhouse gases. You can make a conscious effort this year to reduce your own food waste by freezing or canning leftovers, and reducing the clutter in your refrigerator. Another tip: When shopping at the grocery, buy fruits and vegetables that aren’t perfect. The weird-shaped or smaller produce is just as good as the “pretty” produce, but ends up getting thrown out just for its looks. If you choose these misfit items, you’ll be doing your part to help reduce the amount of food the grocery store has to throw out.

Watch 10 Movies Written or Directed by Women
Most of the movies we’ve seen over the years were directed by men or had male leading characters. But do you really want to see the world through just one lens? Film helps us understand our world and develop empathy for people who have experiences different from our own. And studies have shown that the movies you watch can affect your career choices, your relationships, your mental health, and your sense of identity. So next year, try watching from a list of movies based on herstory, not history.

Intrigued? We sure are. We can’t wait to see what life is like when fully hydrated, thinking positively, buying ugly produce, and watching a few critically-acclaimed films. We’re pretty sure it will be “interesting!” We hope you have a happy new year holiday and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

December 20, 2018

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