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Give in to the Madness before March
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Give in to the Madness before March

Now that the Broncos’ season has ended, it’s time to channel all that team-sport energy into basketball. And if you’re a Colorado resident, you’re required by law to root for the Denver Nuggets. Okay, it’s not exactly the law per se, but we’re convinced it should be.

As a Stepping Stone resident, you are driving distance to many fine establishments with TVs to watch any and all basketball games. But one of the reasons you bought a house in Stepping Stone is because these homes were made to entertain. So why not invite some friends over and get the team spirit stoked before those March Madness bracket parties take over?

One way to impress how much basketball game-day partying means to you is to craft a snack stadium. Seriously, This snack presentation towers above all over snack attempts in both stature and technique. High fives will abound. Pictures will be Instagrammed and Facebooked. And you will become an instant party-throwing success overnight.

It’s easy enough to throw together – it just takes a little “flare” and 110% commitment. Your basketball court is just one big rectangular pizza, with the toppings forming the basketball court lines. How much fun will that be to create? Then your court will be surrounded with a bevy of appetizers conducive to sports viewing (and those with picky diets). Your challenge is to find 5×8” and 4×6” disposable food containers. But cake pans and serving dishes can suffice just as well in a pinch.

Some snack options to fill the stadium could include wings, dips, caramel corn, chips, corn dogs, cut-up fruit, and raw vegetables. Make sure to check ahead of time to see if any of your guests have a food allergy or a diet requirement. Snack stadiums aren’t fun unless everyone gets to get their snack on!

If you’re feeling super-crafty, put together these basketball coasters, created by Martha Stewart herself. If you’re not feeling it, purchase one of these trash can basketball hoops for fun (and also encourage guests to clean up after themselves).

And as always, if you want to truly impress your friends and colleagues, throw a fancy basketball viewing party at the Lantern House.

Ready for some net-swishing action? We are too. If you create a snack stadium or any other snack infrastructure, we’d love to see pictures — be sure to tag @SteppingStoneCO on Instagram! And, you know, an invite would be nice too.

January 22, 2019

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