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Build a Wholesome 2020 by Volunteering
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Build a Wholesome 2020 by Volunteering

The best way to start a better year for yourself is to build a better year for others. Enrich your soul and your community by volunteering your time and energy to the causes that need it most. Get the entire family involved to instill the lesson of giving while deepening your bond with one another. We’ve identified a few local opportunities that will help our Stepping Stone residents make a difference in the world — something that will surely ripple inwards to themselves.

Parker Colorado Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department isn’t a fan favorite just because of Leslie Knope — parks and rec departments often serve as the bedrock of a community’s ability to enrich the lives of their young people. Get involved as a Youth Sports Coach, or reconnect with nature by giving your time to an Adopt-a-Trail program. With a department as vast as Parker’s, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Sidekicks for Sight Puppy Club

Change the life of someone living with a vision disability by working with the Sidekicks for Sight Puppy Club. House and raise a puppy as it trains at the official Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) campus. This is an excellent way to volunteer while securing the maximum amount of puppy kisses possible.

Colorado Horsepower

Help your friends and neighbors find inner peace by volunteering with Colorado Horsepower. The therapeutic joy of spending time with equines is undeniable, and your volunteer efforts will help members of your community find mental, emotional, and physical balance. The added bonus of hanging out with plenty of adorable horses only sweetens the deal!

Parker Victim Services

Bring a sense of empathy and hope to your community by volunteering with the Parker Police Victim Services department. By helping support people who have been victimized, you’ll facilitate healing not just for those traumatized by the crime, but for the community that loves and supports them as well.

Parker Task Force Food Bank

Fill the plates of families in need by donating your time to the Parker Task Force Food Bank. With flexible schedules and positions, you’re sure to find a good fit regardless of your availability. Can’t dedicate regular time to the Food Bank? Organize a food drive at the Lantern House, Stepping Stone’s spacious community center — and donate the proceeds!

Discover a gorgeous neighborhood near Parker, Colorado where residents have built a sense of community while making a difference in the world around them. How are you resolving to make a wholesome impact on 2020? Let us know in the comments!

February 10, 2020

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