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Spring Cleaning and Community Building
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Spring Cleaning and Community Building

As the days get longer and we move closer to spring, it’s time to think about giving your home a refreshing spring cleaning. This year, we have handy hints to motivate you and help you have fun in the process.

Create a Checklist

One of the easiest ways to jump into cleaning is by making a list. You’ll find it easy to fly through your list by planning how much time each item will take to complete. Adding larger tasks — like shampooing carpets — can take several days, so allow a generous amount of time to get through the whole thing. As your chores come to a close, do something that easily slips your minds — like checking your smoke detectors. Take pride in the admirable level of care you put into your space and you’ll have an overall happier and healthier experience in your home!

Make a Plan

Not only can having a checklist help you with the nitty-gritty details, but it can also let you see the bigger picture — like decluttering. Try throwing on some tunes and cleaning room-by-room. Condensing your list into more manageable bits encourages you to stay focused: If your family is involved, everyone can be responsible for their own room and give you a better idea of your overall progress. Take it outside! Inventory your outdoor chores and decide when and how you’ll give your exteriors a little TLC. Spring cleaning is a fantastic opportunity to develop new cleaning habits, so experiment with what works for you and your family — you may find it gets easier each year.

Clean Green

Many wonderful things result from deep cleaning, but it can also lead to dousing your surfaces with harsh chemicals and accumulating unnecessary waste. For a more gentle clean, reach for eco-friendly products: Look for cleaning solutions that come in recyclable containers and remember the power of natural ingredients. When used correctly, white vinegar, lemon, and baking soda can leave your home gleaning as much as any store-bought chemical formulas. Next time you’re in the market for new equipment — like a vacuum — opt for ones that offer energy efficiency. The planet *and* your home will thank you for cleaning so consciously.

Donate To Your Community

It’s easy to hold onto things from the past, but we don’t always have a use for them. When you’re ready to let go, consider donating to your community members. You’ll be impressed by how easy it is to declutter through donation with services that come right to your door. Giving back can help many in need and lift up those who have given to us — like our veterans. As your kiddos grow and your style evolves, feel good about passing on your belongings.

From cleaning with lemons to donating old clothes, spring cleaning is easy at Stepping Stone. Gorgeous floorplans, unique features, and our lively community encourage you to truly enjoy your home. Let us see the results of your hard work by tagging us on Instagram @steppingstoneco!

March 4, 2020

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