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Unique Winter Crafts For The Whole Family
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Unique Winter Crafts For The Whole Family

Over a frosty fall weekend, gather your family for a day spent creating winter-themed crafts. At Stepping Stone™, you’ll find thoughtfully designed homes that invite you to relax, unwind, and let your creativity flow. Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve rounded up four festive crafts you can do at home. Read on to discover the perfect project for your family.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

Before you get started, consider spreading plastic or newspaper over your beautiful kitchen island or dining area table. You’ll want to protect your brand new surface from potential drops of hot glue while you craft your snow globes. As you follow the step-by-step instructions, allow your kiddos to add the sparkly glitter of their choice! Help them seal the mason jar lids with hot glue and safely attach the miniature tree to the inside of the lid. Once the adhesive is dry, screw on the lid and consider securing it with a few more drops of glue — just to be safe. After an ample amount of drying time, you can flip your jar over and watch the snow fall inside your gorgeous globe.

Wine Cork Vases

The wine lovers in your family will adore these handmade cork vases. Perfect for containing decorative foliage — like twigs you’ve collected from the neighborhood and pinecones dusted with synthetic snow — your family can easily complete this project in an afternoon. Pop by the thrift store to grab a few inexpensive cube-shaped vases to get started. If you don’t have an extensive wine cork collection of your own, you can find decorative corks at your local craft store. Protip — slice them in half with a kitchen knife before gluing them to the vase. You’ll be able to save on the number of corks you have to use, and they’ll adhere to the vase better when flat on one side. Get creative with your cork arrangement and glue away.

Snowball Wreath

No snow on the ground? No problem! The supplies for this adorable snowball wreath are perfect for simulating a snowball fight at home. With Styrofoam balls, a wire wreath, glue, and festive ribbon, meet in the great room or finished basement to craft your door hanger.

With Shea Homes, you’ll love working on your projects in spacious living areas that have room for everyone. Arrange your snowballs around the wreath and glue them in layers. If you prefer, paint a bit of glue on the snowballs and roll them in white glitter for a sparkling snow effect. After it dries, adorn the wreath with an oversized bow you’ve tied by hand and hang it on your front door to welcome your guests. 

Paper Chain Wall Hanger

With a bit of patience and a lot of pretty paper, a chain wall hanger is a truly unique decoration for your home. The ombre effect is a charming reflection of the changing weather and a special winter color palette. Use hues based on your favorite holidays or the cooler shades associated with the season. Create straight lines using a ruler and pencil, and help your kids safely cut strips by hand with scissors. Save time — and create clean lines — by using a paper cutter. Next, loop each strip around each other and secure the ends with either a glue stick or staples. Play around with the shape of your wall hanger by making it pointy or zig-zagged at the bottom. Hang your chains on the wall with a stylish curtain rod that you can easily remove and replace after the holidays.

Whether you prefer crafting around your stunning dining area table — or gluing in the great room — your home at Stepping Stone is an inviting space to let your imagination run wild. These projects are lovely for your own home, and they make thoughtful handmade gifts for your friends and family this holiday season. Don’t be shy — share pictures of your projects with us on Instagram!

December 4, 2020

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