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Fall Craft Ideas: Bring the Outdoors Inside!
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Fall Craft Ideas: Bring the Outdoors Inside!

Like most Coloradans, we adore spending quality time with loved ones exploring the outdoors. From our carefully-built three-story homes to the Stepping Stone™ parks and trails, we designed a community for people who crave experiences with nature. As you explore this autumn, use the crafts below as excuses to bring little pieces of Colorado beauty back inside with you! Read on for instructions on four easy-but-gorgeous fall craft ideas that anyone can make.

Fall Leaf Paper Crafting 

Whether you’re playing hide-n-seek with the kids in your backyard or just tidying up the lawn, you will inevitably have a surplus of crispy leaves in spectacular colors. Instead of bagging them, bring them inside and break out the paper, glue, markers, and clay! Spread the materials on your kitchen island and let inspiration guide you. You can create a realistic picture or arrange them in contemporary Daniel Sprick fashion. After making several, hang them with clothespins along a length of natural twine and string this cozy banner across the fireplace for a festive decoration.

Silly Pinecone People

If you’ve ventured outside your own yard to Four Square or Sunset Park, you might have collected more than just leaves — use the pods, seeds, and pinecones you’ve found to create fun “people!” Attaching the smallest parts can be a bit tricky, but a glue gun will secure tiny hands to stick arms and seed eyeballs to pinecone heads. We love using them as place-markers for Thanksgiving dinner!

DIY Autumnal Felt Hair Clips 

With the leftover treasures from your outdoor venture — or new finds from a hike along Douglas County Regional trails — you can quickly make wearable pieces of autumn. Secure a seed to a metal hair clip by wrapping with thin wire and you’ll feel like a woodland elf. If you exhausted your supply of pods on Uncle Henry’s pinecone feet, simply use felt! Cut out whatever shapes you like — in this case, some cheerful pumpkins — and attach to hair clips with glue or wire. Use one of the huge mirrors in the master bath to admire your fashionable new ‘do!

Festive Fall Painted Pumpkins 

Wherever you head to pick pumpkins, remember to purchase several additional small gourds. Once you return home, head outside to your covered patio for this colorful (and possibly slightly messy) craft. Decorate your pumpkins with a paintbrush and palette of your favorite hues — we think acrylic paint works best, but watercolors will give a subtle color-washed look ideal for a minimalist display.

Time spent outdoors reminds us why we love coming back to the beautiful indoors of our Shea homes. Stepping Stone floor plans offer many crafty corners for getting in touch with your inner artist. We’d love to help you find your perfect craft nook! Contact us today.


November 9, 2021

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