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Everyone loves a Renaissance Man (or Woman)

You know those engaging people who know something about everything? The ones with the hungry—and well-fed—minds that move the conversational needle way past how hot July was? Now, the star of the summer cocktail party can be you, thanks to this list of recreational/educational activities. Learn about aeronautics and space travel. Explore the art of …

August 2, 2016
Red, white, and do.

Welcome, July. The peak of summer when we joyfully celebrate our nation’s independence. And, perhaps, declare our personal freedom from daily routine. It’s a month when the metro area (including Stepping Stone™) offers endless possibilities for fun in the sun—and out of the sun, too. Here are our favorite picks for July activities sure to …

July 6, 2016
SmartTouch Interactive
Welcome, National Great Outdoors Month

If May was our month to tiptoe outside again, June is our full-on garden party.

May 31, 2016
SmartTouch Interactive
Let’s take the party outside

Dare we say it? The snow and cold is over so it’s time to celebrate!

May 3, 2016
SmartTouch Interactive
How to spend your daylight savings.

Now that longer days are officially here, it’s time to get out and enjoy some of the city’s seemingly infinite supply of springtime activities. Here are a few favorites for this month, hand-picked for our Stepping Stone friends.

April 5, 2016
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Bored kids? Here’s your answer.

Should the dreaded words, “I’m bored” cross your child’s lips this spring break, you can always suggest killing time with chores, but if that’s not your style here are some alternative activities you can all enjoy together.

March 8, 2016
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Declare your own spring break.

No reason the kids should have all the fun. March calls for a little mental health break for everyone, regardless of age.

March 1, 2016
SmartTouch Interactive
How to enjoy a supersized February.

Cold, snowy February may seem like the one month you’d prefer less of, not more. But this year it comes with an extra day; 2016 is a leap year!

February 2, 2016
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Tips for a winning football party

This year’s Big Game is #50, a milestone worthy of a bit more than popping open a fresh can of French onion dip. Regardless of whether your favorite team is playing this year (sigh), why not celebrate five decades of thrilling football, over-the-top halftime shows, and cutting-edge advertising with a little extra oomph?

January 19, 2016
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More fun: The best resolution ever.

Lose weight. Save money. De-clutter. Yawn. How about a resolution with some real shelf life?

December 29, 2015