Take I-25 to Exit 192 (Ridgegate Pkwy), then proceed 2.5 miles east. Stepping Stone is on the south side of the roadway. View Map

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Best Trails Around South Metro Denver

Best Trails Around South Metro Denver Spring has sprung! If you’ve noticed the warmer temperatures and the chirping of birds, chances are you probably want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Dig your hiking gear out of the back of the closet, grab the kids (or a buddy), and make your way to one …

April 24, 2019
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Your Handy Guide to Celebrating Father’s Day

Did you know Father’s Day is celebrated around the world? In Thailand, kids give their fathers the Canna flower, which has a masculine association in their culture. In Mexico, they hold big celebrations with food and music and a 21-kilometer race in Mexico City. And in Germany, the men themselves organize hikes and other gatherings …

June 8, 2017
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Three Parker breweries you need to know about now

Colorado has gained quite a reputation for its craft beer. You probably know that it’s easy to find fresh, tasty suds in Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder, and RiNo—the list of local breweries just keeps growing. But you might not know that if you live in Stepping Stone™, you don’t have to travel that far. As September’s …

November 21, 2016
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Sweet Nostalgia at Rocket Fizz Candy and Soda

Mainstreet Parker is Stepping Stone’s go-to place for unique shopping and dining venues—of which the community boasts many. Those with a sweet tooth or simply a taste for nostalgia will want to peruse the colorful, tempting displays at Rocket Fizz Candy and Soda. Open since last November, the shop evokes the soda and candy shops of …

September 20, 2016
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Europe, now on tap at Park Meadows

For Stepping Stone™ residents, a taste of the Old World requires no passport. Just a quick trip over to the Park Meadows Mall, a few C-470 exits away. Based in Holland and found in cities across Europe, Oil & Vinegar offers a limited number of US locations, so lucky us to have one close by. If …

August 23, 2016
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The Paris of Parker

Warm, crusty baguettes. Flaky, buttery croissants. Sweet berry tarts. Omelettes, crepes, quiche, petits fours, and cake. Hungry yet? If not, you undoubtedly will be by the time you scroll through these photos from La Baguette de Normandy. This exceptional family bakery, just five minutes from Stepping Stone™, serves up authentic French breads and pastries, in addition to …

July 19, 2016
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Cupcakes rising.

And so our love affair with cupcakes continues…

June 14, 2016
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Asian taste, hometown vibe

Next time you hear someone say there’s no good Asian food in the ‘burbs, just nod and smile. The foodies of Parker don’t necessarily want the rest of the world knowing about Indochine.

May 17, 2016
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Barbecue with the essence of…tulips?

Less than 15 minutes from Stepping Stone, in a quaint log cabin on Parker Road, untold pounds of baby back ribs make their way each day into the very happy bellies of Hickory House customers.

April 21, 2016
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Wanted: A neighborhood for the kids

The Cains had spent two years deciding where to go, looking everywhere from Aurora and on down to Castle Rock. “But when we saw Shea’s 5000 series, everything fell into place,” says Jessica.

March 22, 2016