Take I-25 to Exit 192 (Ridgegate Pkwy), then proceed 2.5 miles east. Stepping Stone is on the south side of the roadway. View Map

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Plan before you plant.

Is it a mere coincidence that plan precedes plant in the dictionary? We think not.

April 26, 2016
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They came. They saw. They ran like rabbits.

Just as sure a sign of spring as a Colorado blizzard, Stepping Stone’s Spring Eggstravaganza returned this year.

April 11, 2016
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How to spend your daylight savings.

Now that longer days are officially here, it’s time to get out and enjoy some of the city’s seemingly infinite supply of springtime activities. Here are a few favorites for this month, hand-picked for our Stepping Stone friends.

April 5, 2016
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Bored kids? Here’s your answer.

Should the dreaded words, “I’m bored” cross your child’s lips this spring break, you can always suggest killing time with chores, but if that’s not your style here are some alternative activities you can all enjoy together.

March 8, 2016
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More Ways to Enjoy Springtime

Welcome to the month of Memorial Day and the grand entrance of all kinds of summer fun…

May 4, 2015
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Colorado Rites of Spring

Here’s a selection of some activities to celebrate the end of winter and the start of something magical: springtime in Colorado.

April 3, 2015
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Spring break on a dime.

Colorado isn’t such a bad place to be in March.

March 9, 2015
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Hello sun – April events near Stepping Stone

Spring’s warmer days are coaxing all the flowers to bloom. And all of us, too, to get out and try something new (like watching a crazy-cool dance performance) or something we’ve been craving all winter long (like Rockies baseball). The Stepping Stone lifestyle is full of amazing local activities, plus that straight shot up I-25 …

April 2, 2014